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Wholesale & Capital Markets

Wholesale & Capital Markets

KPMG’s Wholesale & Capital Markets professionals have both local market experience and global resources that deliver international coverage.

KPMG’s local market experience and global resources that deliver international coverage.

Tap into global wholesale banking opportunities

As international markets recover and the trend towards globalization accelerates, new opportunities are arising for wholesale banks. Yet wholesale and capital markets remain under ongoing pressure. Revenue growth in many emerging markets continues to lag. Operating models that work in some jurisdictions fail in others. Evolving global regulations complicate compliance efforts. And building risk reserves to contend with global market volatility is no easy task.

KPMG & your business

With in-depth experience in local markets and a global resource network that delivers international coverage, KPMG can help you mitigate risk, improve operations and enhance your customer service strategies.

Risk & regulatory transformation

Help you meet shifting global regulatory mandates with an integrated compliance framework, enhanced risk management, streamlined multi-jurisdictional tax reporting and stronger corporate governance.

Operational transformation

Assist in enhancing your competitive edge by strengthening your trading and asset management systems, optimizing your sourcing and procurement, transforming your finance and risk management departments and adopting business models that adapt to your global operating environments.

Customer experience & digital transformation

Help devise innovative customer management solutions for your customers by delivering more targeted product and service offerings, enhancing your pricing practices and using data analytics to make more informed business decisions.