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Retail Banking

Retail Banking

Helping retail banks with regulatory compliance, product transparency, integrated distribution channels, and the threat of cybercrime and fraud.

Helping retail banks with compliance, transparency, distribution, cybercrime and fraud.

Winning in a tightening market

Slowing growth in the retail banking sector is pushing banks to consider a range of new strategies—from cost management programs and sourcing optimization to the introduction of new products and services that can deepen customer relationships. At the same time, retail banks must strengthen their core competencies by enhancing regulatory compliance, improving product transparency, integrating disparate distribution channels and mitigating the threats associated with cybercrime and fraud.

KPMG & your business

From regulatory compliance and customer optimization to business transformation and cost management, KPMG professionals can help your retail bank thrive amid shifting market conditions.

Risk & regulatory transformation

Assist in meeting tightening capital and liquidity requirements, enhance corporate governance, address stakeholders’ tax morality concerns and strengthen compliance with regulations such as IFRS and FATCA.

Operational transformation

Help develop an innovative operating model capable of managing myriad distribution channels (branch, telephone, mobile, online and social), enhance business agility with data analytics and reduce costs by streamlining your IT infrastructure.

Customer experience & digital transformation

Assist in the growth of revenues and profits by improving your cross-selling strategies, enhancing sales staff capabilities, targeting your products and services to pre-defined customer segments and improving the customer service experience.