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Webinar replay: Maintaining the integrity of your supply chain and increasing resiliency

Maintain the integrity of your supply chain and increase resiliency

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Originally aired on March 10, 2021

Maintaining the integrity of your supply chain and increasing resilience and flexibility are of increased importance for organizations across all industries — even more so through this period of uncertainty.

Organizations need robust programs to help them proactively and effectively identify and manage supplier risks to avoid vulnerabilities that could impact their ability to respond to customers. This is a disciplined exercise that starts with a review of all suppliers against a checklist of potential risk areas. However, for years many companies have focused on assessing supplier risk retrospectively, resulting in potential blind spots. Other organizations are adopting more proactive and predictive approaches supported by technology innovation and data which enables the development of strategies to mitigate those risks and even create a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, Canadian supply chain leaders from different industries shared perspectives and insights into how their organizations are dealing with supplier risks, heightened by the pandemic. We discussed what they're doing to better manage partnerships with third- or fourth-party vendors and their use of technologies, including market intelligence tools such as KPMG Spectrum, to anticipate third-party issues to take prompt action.

Discussion topics:

  • Elevating supplier risk strategy and actions in the age of COVID-19
  • Practical actions and quick wins to improve the supplier risk management roadmap
  • Anticipating and addressing risk using strategic technologies and market intelligence tools


  • Dimitros Manolopoulos, Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing & IT, National Bank of Canada
  • Julia Formosa, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)
  • Vincent Dixon, President, New Brunswick, Supply Chain Canada


  • Jérôme Thirion, Partner and National Supply Chain Leader, KPMG in Canada
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