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KPMG Webinar: Building a virtual workforce

Expand your remote-working capabilities

Expand your remote-working capabilities

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Originally aired on April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in physical social distancing requirements, forcing organizations to redefine how they conduct business. Almost overnight, organizations that had been “office centric” became widely dispersed and decentralized. For them, in addition to keeping people safe and supported, their business sustainability has been contingent on their ability to move to a virtual workforce model.

In this webinar, we discuss the importance of a holistic approach to virtual work to help employees to serve customers and citizens while continuing to be connected, engaged, and productive. We were joined by a panel of special guests who shared their stories about their move to a remote work environment enabled by their digital strategy, transformation plans, organizational values, and more.

We've also discussed our COVID-19 perspective on sociocultural, environmental, and enabling digital support needed to:

  • Quickly react to establish a remote work environment that supports an increased wave of virtual workers and meets their personal mental health and practical work-related needs.
  • Stabilize and move to recovery mode while continuing to make digital improvements and help teams and managers learn new behaviours.
  • Envision multiple versions of the future new reality, where service, collaboration, and leadership look very different from yesterday and today.


  • Filipe Dinis, Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of Canada
  • Julie Leese, Chief Digital Officer at Transport Canada
  • Tammy Hawkins, Chief Operating Officer of the Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Yvon Audette, Chief Operating Officer, Management Consulting, KPMG Canada
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