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US Tax Changes and the Impact on Canadians

Join us for a review and discussion on the impact of the US Tax changes.

25 January 2018, 7:30AM - 9:15AM, CST Winnipeg, Canada

Gibson Turley, Celine Lagace and Krista Rabidoux will discuss the recent changes to the taxation of businesses and individuals in the final bill the US President signed into law on Fri, Dec 22, 2017. Topics covered will also include US tax issues important to both Canadian and US businesses, US individual taxpayers as well as individuals that travel to the US for business. This seminar will be of interest to anyone impacted by the questions below:

  • Does your business sell goods into the US? 
  • Does your business have a US legal entity in its structure? 
  • Does a US legal entity pay interest that may be denied under the various changes under the US tax reform? 
  • Does a US legal entity deduct payments made to related parties outside of the US (goods or services)? 
  • Will a US business be acquiring tangible property in 2018? 
  • Are you a Canadian real estate business that does business in the US? 
  • Do you travel to the US on business?
  • Do you own US situs property including US vacation property or US stocks that may expose you to the US estate tax?
  • Are you a US individual shareholder of a Canadian company residing in Canada?
  • Are you a US individual taxpayer residing in Canada?


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