Sarah K Tanaka

Partner, Audit

KPMG in Canada

Sarah is an Audit Partner specializing in audits of internal control over financial reporting. She is the Audit Learning Leader for our Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) audit practice, a Professional Practice Partner, and a member of our National Department of Public Practice, responsible for reporting matters related to audits of non-financial information and compliance.

Sarah is the Leader for KPMG in Canada’s GVA Office for integrated audits, and a member of our National PCAOB Audit Topic Team. She has developed significant knowledge of the PCAOB Auditing Standards as a member of various integrated audit teams and as a quality reviewer for our integrated audits for over fifteen years. She is the Engagement Quality Control Reviewer for several listed entities. Sarah has over 25 years’ experience serving clients in various industries including the mining sector, industrial markets, transportation and life-sciences.

  • B.A., University of British Columbia

  • CA, CPA