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Our Services

Our Services

From global mobility services and international tax to transfer pricing, we provide support and advice to many of the world’s largest organizations.

From global mobility services to international tax, explore our many service areas.

Our Services

With increasing compliance complexities that come with changing rules and regulations, comprehending the scale and range of work we deliver to our clients is vast. Collaboratively as One Team, KPMG Tax professionals work together to provide services to many of the world’s largest organizations.

The KPMG Tax practice provides the following services:

Canadian Tax

Canadian companies operating in multiple jurisdictions must deal with numerous government authorities and frequent changes to tax laws and regulations. Canadian Corporate Tax professionals assist businesses in understanding how to effectively respond to these changes.

Indirect Tax

Using extensive industry experience and by continuously monitoring legislative, judicial, and administrative policy changes, Indirect Tax professionals help manage indirect tax responsibilities and the associated costs to each business.

International Tax

With a deep understanding of US and international tax matters, international tax professionals provide cross border tax advice and planning that is tailored to each business to help ensure they are able to adapt and respond quickly to changes, and mitigate risks.


KPMG’s affiliated law firm, KPMG Law LLP, provides a suite of wide-ranging tax and immigration law services. They offer valuable insight into changes in immigration laws and policies, and appropriate Human Resources and Global Mobility strategies.

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