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KPMG Ready

KPMG Ready

A game-based assessment tool to enhance your candidate experience.

A game-based assessment tool to enhance your candidate experience.

At KPMG, we understand that getting to know you goes beyond how you present yourself during networking events and interviews. That’s why we’ve introduced KPMG Ready, our interactive game-based assessment application and a new step in our campus recruitment process.

KPMG Ready provides candidates with an opportunity to showcase their unique strengths by completing interactive, skill-testing challenges accessible through a mobile device or PC. There is no right or wrong way to approach KPMG Ready, as the app provides a fair and objective way for you to demonstrate how you make decisions and choices through a series of activities and challenges.

After completing KPMG Ready you’ll automatically receive a personalized report with detailed insights into your personality and natural strengths that can help shape your personal development.

KPMG ready

Do I need to be familiar with mobile games in general to complete KPMG Ready?

No. No special ability, skill or knowledge is required to be able to successfully complete KPMG Ready. The term “game” is just a description of the graphical interface. Each challenge has been carefully designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Extensive testing has confirmed no measurable difference in performance between frequent video-gamers and first-time users.

Do I need to practice?

Unlike games designed for entertainment, where familiarity with the game mechanic and layout improves performance, assessments using game technology are designed to capture behaviours and natural tendencies so no need to practice. We do though offer a practice app for those that are interested in checking out what a games- based assessment looks like. If you would like to practice please download Firefly Freedom: Android Download | iOS Download

When will I receive information on how to download KPMG Ready?

Once you’ve been selected for an interview, you’ll receive a communication from your recruiter with the details on how to download and complete KPMG Ready. If you have any questions, your recruiter will be available to answer them for you as well we have technical support on hand to aid if needed.

What devices and operating systems are supported for KPMG Ready?

Mobile Minimum Requirements

KPMG Ready is supported on iOS and Android, not Windows Mobile. You should use a device that was introduced to market within the last 4 years. Older devices will be slower and in some cases unable to handle the application so please ask to borrow an appropriate device from a friend or family member if you do not have one. Please do not use mobile OS emulators on your PC or Mac. In general most newer devices will run our Game Based Assessments, however any devices running an operating system older than either iOS 9 or Android 4.1 are not supported.

Desktop Minimum Requirements

Desktop Minimum Requirements KPMG Ready is supported Mac & PC. Most newer machines should work, so long as it’s running an operating system no older than Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

Is there an “ideal” score?

There is no pass/ fail with KPMG Ready! We are using this tool to get to know our candidates selected for an interview on a deeper level beyond what is discovered through a conversation or written application. This tool is also designed for you to learn more about your personality and natural strengths to aid in your personal development.

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