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For KPMG's 2019 Canadian CEO Outlook, we reached out to 1,300 CEOs of large companies from around the world, 75 in Canada, to get their views on the highest-priority opportunities and most daunting challenges they and their businesses face. As in prior years, we see how quickly the world is changing for today’s leaders, and what this means for how they are leading and growing their organizations.

Exploring a broad range of business drivers, risks and pain points, this year’s report offers insights into how new and evolving technologies, skills, transformations, and innovation mandates are continuing to raise the bar for CEOs across the country and in all sectors.

Download the full report to learn how Canadian CEOs are bracing for the changes ahead. If you would like to talk to our professionals about the perspectives and issues raised in this year’s report, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how your business can gain from these insights.

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Executive summary

Transformation has been a recurring theme in past CEO Outlooks, this year is no exception. CEOs are acutely aware of the technologies, competitors, and workforce trends at their doorstep, and many are making agility and innovation their priority. Canadian CEOs are no different, although current strategies and concerns reveal room to grow before they can lead their international peers.

Cyber (in)security

Trust trumps all in the information age, but how do CEOs balance the need to innovate against the demand for data privacy and security? With Canadians becoming more cautious and wanting more in exchange for their data, CEOs must make information security an enterprise-wide priority. There is no silver bullet for cyber security, but there are strategies to staying ahead.

Building an alliance ecosystem

Strategic alliances are a top choice for Canadian CEOs, but it takes more than a handshake to form a successful pact. Due diligence has never been more important, but so too has the need to innovate and act with agility. Learn how strategic partnerships can give CEOs the competitive edge.

A new playbook on agility

Canadian CEOs have less time to make a lasting impact. That is no small task in the age of mass disruption. Acting with agility is critical, but what does it really mean? In this article we examine the skills, strategies, and mindsets that C-suite leaders must adopt to secure growth and leave legacies that count.

Workforce 4.0

It is not the rise of the machines; it is a race for next-generation skills. As artificial intelligence, automation, and data-driven innovations redefine traditional roles, organizations need human talent who can tackle disruption and connect with Canadians. Learn how technologies are rewiring the workforce and how CEOs can compete in the race for tomorrow's leaders.

The innovation disconnect

Canada's leaders have an appetite for innovation, but are they hungry enough to stay in the race? Confidence is high, but it is time to turn words into action. With the risk of being outpaced by global competitors (or becoming obsolete altogether), Canadian CEOs must decide how their organization can break from the pack.

Industry perspectives

Many of the issues CEOs face are similar across industry. However, there are important nuances, areas of focus and concerns as well as opportunities raised by CEOs when explored at an industry level. View a collection of perspectives from some of KPMG’s industry leaders across Canada to learn about the biggest opportunities and barriers to growth impacting your industry.