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In today's connected society, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to segment, reach, convert and retain customers. Technology is changing the way customers interact with companies and with one another. Instant access to information has created a more informed customer. The global economy has broadened the definition for competition. Shifting life stages mean that traditional demographic segmentations are no longer adequate for predicting customer behaviour. And disruptive innovations are turning industries upside down and creating new customer expectations across the board.

KPMG's inaugural Me, My Life, My Wallet report, released in 2017, revealed rapid and profound changes in customer motivations, attitudes, and expectations. The publication introduced the Five Mys, a distinctive new framework to help organizations understand the complex, underlying drivers of human decision-making.


Who is the Canadian Customer?
This year we surveyed nearly 2,500 Canadian respondents as part of KPMG International's global survey, which included approximately 25,000 participants across eight global markets.

Me, my Canadian Life, my wallet explores the intricacies of the Canadian customer, how they compare to their global counterparts and what this means for companies looking to do business in Canada.

Start putting your customers at the heart of every business decision. Let's do this.

Read the full report now [PDF 3.6 MB]