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Digital disruption is r​evolutionizing how Canadians live, work and interact with one another. Rapid advancements in technology over the past few years have significantly changed our economy, and opened the floodgates for new industries and new competitors to re-shape the Canadian marketplace.

This 'new normal' has created new expectations from both Canadian consumers and organizations. Businesses are now expected to be faster, more informed and more nimble than ever before. While this new standard of service delivery seems like a daunting task for any business, the opportunities are immense.

True digital disruption is a continuous evolution. It has the ability to deal with uncertainty and respond quickly to change. It helps ensures an organization is ready to leverage opportunities for innovation and disruption – wherever they may be.

As stewards of growth, sustainability, and innovation, we have developed a series of articles that look at the unique and impactful ways digital disruption is revolutionizing businesses and the Canadian marketplace. Explore the insights by reading the articles and viewing the videos on this page.

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Alex Benay

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Alex Benay, Canada’s Chief Information Officer, sat down with @gov for an interview.

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