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Over the years, many companies have built on legacy systems and not integrated systems from acquisitions. Despite the ability of cloud technology to transform business operations, such as finance, many organizations still fail to harness its full potential. By unlocking the capabilities of cloud technology, organizations have the opportunity to transform and achieve a greater step change in value.

From software robots to sophisticated cognitive systems, advances in automation are changing the game, reducing costs by up to 75 percent in some financial processes, while improving speed, accuracy, and control and freeing up employees that can be redeployed to perform higher-value functions.

KPMG’s professionals work with clients to define, develop and implement the solutions that can optimize their finance function. We work alongside our clients to ensure that the right technologies and software are leveraged, that the finance function is properly integrated into the business and that it provides added value to the rest of the organization. We then support our clients in their transition and implementation, while minimizing disruption to the existing organization.

Contact one of our professionals to find out how KPMG can help your company optimize your finance function.