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The digital era has transformed the way customers think about, purchase and consume products. They expect a seamless experience across all channels and that products are delivered more quickly, at a more competitive price point and with a higher level of customization than ever before.

Industry 4.0 (i4.0), was born in the manufacturing industry; however, the technologies that underpin it, such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things, can enable companies across all industries to create agile, more efficient systems and processes that can cater to these changing customer needs.

KPMG’s professionals understand that i4.0 is not about a specific technology. It’s about business. It’s about performance and seizing and retaining a defensible competitive advantage. We start each client project with one question: “What goals do you want to achieve?” From there, we help clients define a strategic vision and create a roadmap to success. By focusing on business results rather than individual technologies, we help clients focus on achieving real enterprise value from their investments.

Contact one of our professionals to find out how KPMG can help your company leverage i4.0 technologies in order to revolutionize your operations.

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