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Technology is creating a new talent market, the way in which jobs are performed, company cultures, as well as the HR function itself. As such, it is imperative that companies acknowledge and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that the workforce of the future may mean for their business models.

In order to ensure a successful workforce of the future, HR leaders will need to:

  • Identify the new skills and capabilities that will realistically be required in the future
  • Identify current employees who are willing and able to be upskilled and retrained will need to be identified
  • Attract, integrate and retain new talent into the business
  • Develop and formalize new ways of operating
  • Develop a change management plan that will ensure a successful transition.

KPMG’s professionals aid our clients in defining what their workforce of the future looks like, as well as their target operating model. We work collaboratively with clients in order to assess how technology can best be deployed to ensure processes are efficient, agile and deliver on key business objectives. We then support our clients in their transition and implementation, while minimizing disruption to the existing workforce. Through the development of a change management plan, we aim to ensure that company culture is aligned with management’s vision for the future and that the workforce is prepared to embrace change and grow and evolve with the firm.

Contact one of our professionals to find out how KPMG can help your company leverage your workforce of the future, sooner.

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Implementing effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy

KPMG in Canada can help you implement an effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy.

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