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Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is an integral component of our Community Leader strategy.

Sustainability is integral to our strategy.

Sustainability Matters

KPMG is committed to working towards a more sustainable future. This means that we aim to understand, manage and minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment. We also support environmental initiatives in the communities in which we operate and encourage KPMG people to consider their impacts on the environment.

Our program includes efforts to minimize our operational impacts (e.g. purchasing, office space, resource use and travel), engage our people to be aware of and involved in environmental issues, and work with sustainability focused non-profit organizations.

Our commitment to the environment and reducing our footprint is laid out in our Environmental Guidelines [PDF 282 KB]. The guidelines provide a clear vision for sustainability at KPMG so that we can help our people feel empowered to make a difference.

Key sustainability highlights


KPMG has been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers nine years in a row.

Environmental Guidelines

On Earth Day 2016, KPMG launched our newest iteration of our Environmental Guidelines [PDF 282 KB], a document that outlines how KPMG is working towards a more sustainable future by understanding, managing and minimizing the impact of our business activities on the environment.

Global Green House Gas (GHG) Reductions

KPMG has met and exceeded our ambitious GHG reduction targets.  We achieved a 16 percent reduction per FTE in emissions since 2010, surpassing the 15 percent goal set as part of KPMG’s Global Green Initiative.  We have also established a new set of aggressive reduction targets, aiming to achieve even further global GHG reductions through the next iteration of the Global strategy, the Global Climate Response.

Green Office Space

KPMG strives to provide a work environment conducive to high productivity, effective collaboration and environmental efficiency. KPMG has built or renovated 12 buildings across the country to the LEED Gold Standard or equivalent. Currently, 45 percent of our office space has been built to these standards.

Workplace of the Future

Our workplace of the future program is a bold statement about the future work environment at KPMG; it is a flexible and collaborative environment where our people can think, act and deliver differently through design and top of class technology. Our office in Vaughan, which opened in 2016, features many leading edge examples, such as hoteling workstations, Bluetooth-connected laptops and headsets that have replaced phones, keyboards run on solar power, and other energy- and paper-saving measures, such as motion-sensor lighting and dual monitor-equipped workstations.

Paper Reduction

Since 2008, KPMG has continually measured paper consumption, enabling us to set target reduction goals. Through Project Productivity, the firm has reduced its photocopy paper consumption by 55 percent.

Responsible IT Assets Disposal

KPMG has national guidelines for the safe, sustainable and local disposal of our old IT equipment. These guidelines streamline the process for the resale or recycling of old equipment with local providers who adhere to the highest environmental standards. This process enables us to minimize the amount of electronic waste sent to landfills and maximize the benefits to our local communities.

Donated Office Supplies

When undergoing a major renovation or moving offices, third-party service providers distribute usable furniture to deserving local charities and recycle the remainder. During recent projects, we have been able to divert up to 99 percent of our used office assets from landfill.


KPMG is working with its suppliers to incorporate sustainable purchasing best practices.


  • We are working with the provider of our KPMG branded items to incorporate sustainable purchasing criteria, provide special branding to identify key items, and to increase the percentage of offerings that meet those sustainable standards.
  • All our photocopy paper is EcoLogo certified, processed Chlorine Free (PCF), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified, and made using biogas energy (methane from a landfill site).

Sustainability in our communities

Many of our offices support local sustainability organizations and initiatives, and even more KPMG people volunteer their time to support environmental causes.