Making it personal

Making it personal

KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.

KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.

As one of the leading professional services firms in Canada, KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.

KPMG Social Impact is about just that – channeling our collective experience, skills and energy to build strong and sustainable communities.

As part of their role at KPMG, our people are active citizens who leverage their experience to support organizations and causes that make an impact. We are supporting the overall success of our people, including their professional and personal fulfilment.

For KPMG Social Impact, success is measured by the impact each one of us has when we are fully engaged.

2020 Social Impact Awards

Our KPMG Impact Awards celebrate the deep connection people at KPMG have with their communities. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2020 Awards. These recipients—who were chosen by a panel of their peers—demonstrated their purpose and passion for volunteering and are making a positive impact.

Greater Vancouver Area

  • KPMG's BC Response Team - National Recipient
    Jesse Xin, Walter Pela, Alan Peretz, Jameel Ahamed, Lyndon Fung, Ken Su,  Ozge Uncu, Valerie Lukac, Fabio Rodrigues, Fernando Del Villar, Rajvind Aujla, Yuki Lee, Sya Trafford, James Busby, Aaron Sim, Amir Hemani, Michael Simion, Linda Huang, Sasha McKee, Bryce Shoemaker, Kiran Kurian, Brandon Iwanczuk, Divya Balla, Will Thompson, Jonathan Ho, Kenneth Huang, Cio Ellorin, Harry Yau, Vishal Channe, Sachin Kumar, Atlas Quan, Claudia Li, Arash Shadkam, Kristen Pavey, Ross Ryken, Zac Rodrigo, Ollie James
  • Yule Duel Team
    Jared Tan, Charlotte Beglinger, Tomi Odunsim, Betty Boland, David Yu, Natalie Chen, Hilda Garza Villarreal, Jordan Stroup, Michele A Gustafson, Kelly Yang, Carol Chiang, John B Durrant, Samuel Lau, Casey Chung
  • Wellness Committee
    Harneet Gill, Tiana Tomassetti, Gary Choy, Casey Chung, Jane Gorchkova, Jocelyn Li, Tamira Nasanbat, Boudicca Palmer Roberts, Alex Shaw, Sharon Sidhu, Cecilia Wu
  • Martin Family Initiative
    Lisa Mooi, Sherley Pham, Tanveer Rouf
  • Olivia Bergen
  • Kayla Hanlon
  • Valerie Lukac
  • Leanna Milburn
  • Erikka Ogrodnick
  • Sioe Lie Smith
  • Brandon Yau

Greater Toronto Area

  • Black Professionals Network - National Recipient
    Co-heads: Tamika Mitchell and Tarasai Madambi, Jay Henry
    Members: Kola Aina, Marine Bourguignon, Robert J Davis, Michael Dennis, Marjorie Joasil, Sophia Kebede, Ian Meikle, Maeva Montemiglio, Chinedu Nwaodua, Elsa Nyagatoma, Femi Oluyide, Elizabeth Oseimobor, Khalifa Seye, Kevin Watson, Brynna Williams
  • Toronto Foundation for Student Success
    Ian Gilmour, Salman Ahmad, Olivia Allega, Neville Gandhi, Jenny He, Sukhman S Kalra, Anqi Luo, Mamuna Sheri, Sean Sit, Minci Zhao
  • Toni Canale-Parola
  • Libby Duckworth
  • Leslie Griffiths
  • Asma Hasan
  • Ben Tasson


  • Christine Leung - National Recipient
  • Tom Bradley
  • Amy Risk
  • Ashley Towns


  • Norman Bloch - National Recipient
  • Camille Bélanger
  • James Gregorio
  • Jinnie Liu
  • Gabriel Waché

Regions West

  • Bo Kristensen - National Recipient
  • Ruth Henriquez Corletto and Kira Ilic
  • Brittany Denny
  • Jonathan Tantas

Regions East

  • Tarek Habib - National Recipient
  • Justin Chartrand
  • Matt Jenkins
  • Ruth March

Most volunteer hours

Ryan Gertzbein - National Recipient

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