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Making it personal

Making it Personal

KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.

KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.

As one of the leading professional services firms in Canada, KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.

KPMG Social Impact is about just that – channeling our collective experience, skills and energy to build strong and sustainable communities.

As part of their role at KPMG, our people are active citizens who leverage their experience to support organizations and causes that make an impact. We are supporting the overall success of our people, including their professional and personal fulfilment.

For KPMG Social Impact, success is measured by the impact each one of us has when we are fully engaged.

2019 Impact Awards

Our KPMG Impact Awards celebrate the deep connection people at KPMG have with their communities. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2019 Awards. These recipients—who were chosen by a panel of their peers—demonstrated their purpose and passion for volunteering and are making a positive impact.

Greater Vancouver Area

  • Streetohome Engagement Team – National Recipient (Chris Williamson, Michael Simion, Ross Ryken, Elisa Liu, Joanna Stewart, Jason Cion)
  • Ronald McDonald House Engagement (Erik Berg, Jesse Xin, Justine Sanders, Lillian Dang, Kelly Makway, Walter Pela)
  • Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver Engagement (Vivian Wai-Ling Chan, Brittany Jang, Kenneth Wu, Chris Sainsbury, Doug Ewing)
  • Women in Infrastructure (WIN) Awards (Johanna Navas, Brittany Jang, Amy Evans, Olivia Ferreira, Andrea Jones, Serafino Battista and team)
  • Sustainability Fair (Ivy Wan, Erikka Ogrodnick, Courtney Thompson)
  • Paul Van Koll
  • Akash Malhi
  • Madeleine Pullen
  • Gabrielle Roberts
  • Bhavneet Toor
  • Tim Yap
  • Manuel Schriek

Greater Toronto Area

  • Rosa Scarcelli – National Recipient
  • Ramesh Parmar
  • Anneliese Grosfeld
  • Jesse Bond
  • Sherif Kinawy
  • Davin Gnanapragasam
  • Arundel Gibson
  • Jenna (Willis) Robertson
  • Jenny He
  • Mohammad Nadeem
  • Kathy Galvan
  • Amrit Dev and the Risk Consulting Team (Amrit Dev, April Wang, Carolyn Wu, Dominic Pymento, Lauren Viray, Marvin Mercado, Mahnoor Kiani, Peter Vettorett, Summaya Kazmi)


  • Brooklyn Tchozewski – National Recipient
  • Anisa Diwan
  • Calgary Mental Health ERG team (Kate Schiller, Dana Wasylycia, Rhonda Blakney, Dominique Ng, Doris Roy, Angela Kim, Dianna Thorne, Travis Neil, Zach Parston, Zach Little, Kathy Penner, Shawn Brade)


  • Amélie Lemelin – National Recipient
  • Jacqueline Connolly
  • Catherine Nadeau
  • Antoine Lapointe
  • Valérie Houde
  • Christian Lecours team (Christian Lecours, Julie Neto, Rachelle Leblanc)

Regions West

  • Ryan Legare – National Recipient
  • Jeff McMurray
  • Ryan Palmer
  • Derek Dougherty
  • Rebecca Sanford
  • Lisa Dunville
  • Anas Qartoumeh
  • Kellie Bullis
  • Craig Woods
  • Kamloops – United Way Team (Melissa Arkinstall, Katharine Currie, Jeenat Gill, Krystian Miszkurka and Marina Holden)

Regions East

  • Scott Plugers – National Recipient
  • Alex Jacquard
  • Maka Ngwenya
  • Veronica Chapman
  • Deirdre Hendrick
  • Jennifer Liu

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