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Speedbumps are to be expected along any organization's path to growth. Yet, in an era where everyone is sprinting to keep up with their target audiences and markets, there's value in taking a step back to ensure nothing is stalling your momentum.

The fact is, organizations stumble in their pursuit of high-performance growth in several ways. Through KPMG's Ignition Program, I've seen first-hand how addressing common barriers can make the difference between businesses that thrive and those that get sidelined.

The forest is the trees
How much of your workflow is set up to make things happen, and how much impedes you? Are you championing internal innovation, or suffocating momentum with lumbering processes? The pursuit of high-performance growth can find organizations awash in big ideas and bold ambitions but lacking in the agility and innovation needed to see them through.

If the goal is to keep moving, your teams must be empowered to do the same. That means applying disciplined thinking to business goals by breaking down big ambitions into smaller, more focused and explicit deliverables. It's about supporting organic growth with frameworks and processes that help new ideas and organic growth thrive.

Remember: successful innovation is 90 per cent getting it done, and 10 per cent getting it done right. Your strategy doesn't have to be perfect. What counts is making progress, building capabilities and keeping all components of the organization pointed toward its goals.

Let strategy drive tech—not the other way around
It's easy to feel the lure of shiny new technology. And while there are benefits to pursuing the "next best thing," many organizations have already spent the last two years doing just that to address the hybrid models, shifting markets and heightened customer demands that have defined life during the pandemic.

The better play may be to take a closer look at how you can do more with what you already have. Before pulling the trigger on pricey new tech, take the time to assess what tools and capabilities you really need to execute on growth strategies and plan from there. Rather than undergo time-consuming upgrades or risk unbalanced implementations, explore how you can wield existing resources to build momentum now.

The same is true for data and data strategies. It may be tempting to start collecting and harvesting data from scratch, but some introspection may reveal you already have the sources, talents and tools to do the job today.

Remember, internal innovation isn't the product of technology alone. It's the result of setting deliberate expectations and finding the solutions to match. New technology can have its benefits, but only if it serves defined objectives.

One source of truth
Good things happen when everyone is on the same page. The same holds for internal innovation and sustainable enterprise growth. Different departments of an organization will have their own priorities, but for momentum to build and move in the right direction, they must all be working in service of mutually agreed-upon goals.

What does that look like in practice? It means setting and communicating clear innovation and growth objectives. It means eliminating duplicate efforts, embedding innovation mandates and rolling them into clear strategic priorities. And last but not least, it means ensuring accountability, establishing cross-functional alignment and taking the time to assess progress as it occurs.

These are just a sample of challenges I've seen organizations deal with in their pursuit of growth. And whether the goal is to create or maintain momentum, the idea is the same: to embed the processes, teams and technologies that allow internal innovation and organic growth to guide the way.

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