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​I know you don't need me, or anyone else, to tell you how the COVID-19 pandemic has tested our strength—both collectively and individually. At times, we all felt disconnected, disengaged, and discouraged. I certainly had those languishing moments.

But one of KPMG's greatest strengths is our people. We are a values-driven organization—a family, really. Working from our homes gave us an opportunity to connect with each other in unexpected ways, look beyond ourselves and get to know each other on a deeper level. In fact, you could say that these separating circumstances have somehow brought us closer together.

Throughout the pandemic, I was inspired by the acts of kindness, compassion, and care shown by our more than 3,000 people in the GTA—and, really, throughout KPMG in Canada. Theirs has been an unwavering commitment to loved ones, to one another, to our clients, and to those in need. I have been so impressed with how our people checked in on one another and supported each other, made sense of the crisis, and found solutions for issues no one could have predicted.

I think one of the reasons we've thrived was the early realization that family matters: both our own personal families and our larger KPMG family. Because of that realization, we never lost hope, we never lost focus, we have not forgotten our purpose. We made an impact, in our communities and in countries that were struggling. We took a stance against racism, hate and all forms of discrimination. We stood, and continue to stand, by our Indigenous sisters and brothers as they faced horrifying discoveries.

Now that the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and we all share a sense of hope and bounded optimism, we felt the need to show the world that we're coming out of this pandemic stronger, wiser and kinder than we were going into it.

A music video from a Toronto band called The Neighbourhood Watch inspired us to celebrate (and, hopefully, further inspire) our people. So, we teamed up with the band and worked with the same students who directed, filmed, and edited the original video to make one of our own, featuring our KPMG people—a video that will show our clients and communities that when we say we're in this together, for better, we mean it.

Over multiple late evenings, the team captured some of our people and their families through their windows. Apart, but not alone. Smiling and dancing. Ready for a new beginning.

When I watched the video for the first time, I felt, once again, incredibly proud of our people and their families—ours, really—for their dedication, perseverance, and commitment. For their humanity. So, until we're back together again (soon, I hope), I offer it to you—from our KPMG family to all the families out there.

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