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Even in the current economic environment there are opportunities for growth. For businesses with robust balance sheets and a steady and predictable cash flow, now is the time to get prepared for the much-anticipated upturn.

To help make your company more robust, it may be worth considering divesting struggling and non-core assets and take advantage of lower prices to make strategic acquisitions. You might also be considering expanding into other markets, either domestically or internationally. 

Given the difficult business conditions of recent times, a change of approach may be needed as previously good clients may have become bad debts, credit not being readily available and some suppliers no longer able to supply. Equally, for some businesses, the tougher business conditions have resulted in underperformance from either an operational or financial perspective. Now is the time to address such issues to position your business for any upturn.

How we can help

KPMG’s Deal Advisory professionals can help you to address issues as well as take advantage of the opportunities as they arise.

If you are going to take advantage of lower prices on acquisitions, our transactions professionals can assist. From initial assessment of the strategic value of an acquisition through financial due diligence and valuation of the proposed target, and assisting your negotiations with the seller, our professionals can work with you to help you achieve the value you seek from your deal. They’ll work with organizations to execute transactions smoothly and help minimize the risks of subsequent disputation. 

Whatever your plans, having the appropriate capital strategies and funding structures in place and ensuring they remain relevant as conditions change is crucial. Our debt advisory professionals can assist with strategic debt structuring advice, assessment of alternative funding options and markets as well as assistance with the financing process including debt sizing, market selection, negotiation and documentation.

For a business that is underperforming, our restructuring professionals can work alongside management, stakeholders and lenders to help make real improvements to cash flow, profit & loss and the corporate balance sheet. We take a hands-on approach to helping you stabilize your business and identify new opportunities to make sustainable changes to your strategy, operations and finances. 

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