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Our services include the support of organizations and professional practitioners involved in litigation, or disputes that may lead to litigation, for example by assisting in the calculation of damages or loss of profits. 

We are often called upon to analyse suspected financial fraud and other unethical or illegal financial or commercial activity in organizations. 

By recommending fraud prevention strategies and vetting commercial agreements, we also assist our clients in reducing the cost from fraud or disputes occurring in the first place.

Our services

Services that our Forensic team provides include:  

  • Analysis of suspected fraud or misconduct;
  • Fraud Risk Management;
  • Dispute Advisory;
  • Forensic Technology;
  • Corporate Intelligence;
  • Regulatory reviews including anti-money laundering, anti-bribery reviews;
  • Intellectual property and contract governance services.

Complexity of Business

Organizations today are required to manage an array of complex business challenges. The cost of doing business in today’s world requires a fine balance between the current global business climate and the increasing pressure of regulatory oversight. This environment brings with it increased incidents of commercial litigation and other disputes between business entities, highly regulated codes of business practice and corporate conduct, and increased opportunities for local and cross-border fraud or other illegal activity. These situations can threaten the financial performance of an organization, or at worst, put the viability of the business at risk. The cost of tarnished reputations, eroded staff morale, damaged customer and supplier relationships, and wasted management time are significant. 

Specialist independent investigation, support and advice is required to quickly and effectively deal with these issues. 

A regional business, with global reach and local delivery

KPMG Forensic in Central & Eastern Europe comprises a team of professionals encompassing a broad range of skills across many disciplines. We combine our knowledge of accounting, business, finance, IT and fraud analysis with management psychology and organizational integrity credentials.

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