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Financial risk is an inescapable fact of life in the modern business environment. 

Increasingly complex and demanding regulatory regimes compound the challenge of managing financial risk.  

More organizations are recognizing the benefits of a coherent approach to financial risk management and regulatory compliance. Many are now seeking to use risk management and compliance to drive superior performance. 

How we can help

KPMG’s Financial Risk Management group assists organizations to reinforce and enhance their in-house risk management and compliance resources. We help them to: 

  • assess their existing risk management capabilities;
  • benchmark financial risk management performance and procedures;
  • enhance financial risk management’s contribution to the attainment of corporate goals;
  • develop tools to measure, monitor and report on financial risk and compliance issues;
  • introduce new compliance measures;
  • streamline financial license applications;
  • conduct compliance health checks;
  • reduce compliance costs and the excessive diversion of management time into compliance matters;
  • assess existing compliance systems and practices against industry best practice.

Our services cover a broad range of activities, including:

  • Credit Risk;
  • Market Risk;
  • Operational Risk;
  • Insurance Risk;
  • Economic Capital Management;
  • Actuarial Services & Financial Statement Support;
  • Capital Adequacy & Regulatory Services;
  • Financial Instruments Accounting.

Our advisers are skilled, experienced professionals. They offer advice that is clear, objective and practical. They draw on KPMG’s extensive national and global resources.

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