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KPMG Transport Tracker

KPMG Transport Tracker June 2018

We are delighted to share with you the ninth edition of the KPMG Transport Tracker, a publication looking at the latest market indicators and trends in the global transport market.

This ninth edition of the KPMG Transport Tracker has a special focus on the current disruptive landscape and its impact on the transport sub-sectors. Macro-trends such as protectionism and shifting consumer requirements as well as new market players and their impact on traditional entities are of key discussion, with special focus-pieces on Digitalization, Automation and Blockchain.

Some insights include:

  • Traditional operations in a changing world - how do traditional operations compete in the constant state of flux and increased competition?
  • The future of shipping - has the traditional business model of shipping companies expired?
  • Going for growth - China may displace the US, Brexit continues to loom large and Africa faces tough period - update on aviation performances.
  • Blockchain - The beginning of a revolution for CEP and Postal?
  • RPA - The key to success for logistic service providers?
  • The power of small scale automation - the beginning of an era.

We would be pleased to discuss the results of our analysis with you.


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