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Corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship

KPMG is committed to its communities and their wellbeing.

KPMG is committed to its communities and their wellbeing.

Corporate responsibility is central to the culture at KPMG and is at the heart of our values. 

This means we strongly believe in behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and building positive links with the communities around us. 

KPMG's activities can have impacts, both large and small, outside the firm and it continually demonstrates its commitment to supporting the communities of which it is a part. Individually and collectively, KPMG partners and employees contribute to strengthening communities, enhancing the environment and creating a sustainable business future. KPMG supports the respect and protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and the promotion of environmental responsibility. 

KPMG encourages active, responsible, and voluntary public or community activities. Such activities enrich the communities in which we work and live, helping to build the reputations of participating individuals and, indirectly, the firm. They are opportunities for individuals to demonstrate KPMG core values in a way that extends beyond the day-to-day business of the firm.

By providing skills of our people and financial support our primary CSR focus is on disadvantaged and under-privileged children as well as environmental issues. 

All in all the activities within the both focus groups shall demonstrate a positive social, environmental or economic impact.

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