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Digital Ledger Services at KPMG: Seize the potential of blockchain today

Seize the potential of blockchain today

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt financial services, but also has potential for significant value.

Facing mounting pressure from a confluence of factors, including increased competition...

Blockchain offers the potential to provide faster and more secure transactions, streamline and automate back-office operations, and reduce costs by leveraging cloud-based technologies. Is your organization ready to seize the potential of blockchain?

KPMG's Digital Ledger Services professionals can help. With expertise in 30 countries, we focus on assisting financial service firms identify an effective use case strategy to derive maximum blockchain benefit.

Services include:

The suite of services provide full support at every stage of development, from proof of concept to designing relevant use cases, integrating systems and operations through to ongoing management support, including:

  • Strategic realization
  • Requirements guidance
  • Systems and operations integration
  • Managed services with the potential to address data governance, and conventional audit services such as platform audit and tax services.

Additionally, KPMG member firms offer collaborative services with Microsoft, combining Microsoft's blockchain and cloud technologies with our extensive offerings and expertise, know much.

Embracing a rapidly-advancing new technology that disrupts business as usual is not easy. Our Digital Ledger Services professionals are dedicated to working with you to create relevant, scalable solutions that drive value for your organization. Our tailored approach incorporates strategy, security, cost, privacy, performance, risk management and more.

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