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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We bring fresh perspectives, insights and ideas on organizational strategy that challenge conventional wisdom.

Distinct perspectives to inspire fresh thinking

This is where we share what we think, applying our knowledge to issues facing organizations. We reflect, discuss and critically appraise the thinking we share, testing our ideas with experts in sectors, functions and markets.  

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factory workers making a plan

KPMG Global Manufacturing Outlook 2015

Key findings from KPMG Global Manufacturing Outlook 2015

Ships in sea

Decommissioning Strategy

Decommissioning is above all else a strategic challenge.

Germany cologne three

Winning customers over requires innovative thinking

Disruption looms in banking. If a bank fails to engage with its customers, it will lose them.

moleculEr view

How to compete and win in a world of biosimilars

A relatively new part of the pharma industry, biosimilars are coming to the U.S.