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Overview of Brazil government and institutional response to Covid-19 for foreign investors

Impacts and responses to the effects of the Covid-19 - Government sector

Impacts and responses to the effects of the Covid-19 - Government sector


June 3rd, 11h to 12h15 (São Paulo, GMT - 3h)

COVID-19 has forced businesses to look at the status and health of every part of their business. As business leaders begin to address the needs of their foreign operations, they face a complex matrix of government programs, different in approach, scope and scale in each country. What are the programs available? Which businesses or situations are they intended to address? Will these government programs apply to my business?

KPMG is hosting a webinar to provide foreign investors with an overview of the Brazil government’s program to support businesses as they address the economic fallout of COVID-19. This webinar will cover the following areas in the Brazil market:

  • Tax measures
  • Legal measures
  • Employment related measures
  • Economic stimulus measures
  • Question and answers following presentations

Intended audience: C-suite and key strategy, financing and operational leaders from foreign investors and companies with business interests in Brazil.

Please note the Webinar will be in English.


Mauricio Endo

Head of Government
KPMG South America

Marco Andre

Head of Deal Advisory
KPMG Brazil South America

Ericson Amaral

Partner M&A Tax
KPMG Brasil

Luciana Lorenti

Sócia da área corporativa do Ferraz de Camargo e Matsunaga Advogados Associados, escritório convidado

Valter Shimidu

Partner Labor Tax
KPMG Brasil

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