The AIFMD will bring significant changes to the reporting requirements around remuneration for many AIFMs.

Remuneration – AIFMD regulation

Among the sub-groups of AIFMs impacted by the Directive are real estate fund managers. The AIFMD requires that these managers obtain authorization and satisfy a number of stringent operation conditions and reporting requirements in order to continue to market real estate funds within the European Union. In our work with real estate fund managers, KPMG is finding a number of issues, including a lack of understanding of the depositary role, reporting requirements and more.
  • Issues our professionals are finding with organizations: A lack of understanding of the depositary role. A lack of understanding of new reporting requirements and the data required, legacy systems, heavy reliance on spreadsheets and lack of data quality. Inadequate documentation of processes to be compliant. Significant potential tax implications.
  • How KPMG can help: Our team will conduct an impact assessment of AIFMD on the organization, tailor an improvement plan, executive on the plan and deliver compliance. 
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