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About the Audit Committee Institute

About the Audit Committee Institute

The Audit Committee Institute (ACI) is an initiative sponsored exclusively by KPMG, operating in more than 50 countries.

The Audit Committee Institute (ACI) in an initiative sponsored exclusively by KPMG

ACI promotes panels, carries out surveys and publishes information by means of some publications released during the year. Among the topics addressed in the ACI's forums we highlight the activities and effectiveness of the Statutory Audit Committees, Audit Committees and Board of Directors; risk management; leading corporate governance practices in family companies; how leading practices are assessed by the rating agencies and financial institutions; IFRS and Act No. 11,638; the Management's civil liability and D&O liability insurance; among others.

ACI Panels

ACI Panels offer, by means of panel discussions, lectures and interactive activities, an environment favorable to learning and insights into current corporate governance issues. 

During interactions, ACI Panels highlight the main topics and concerns addressed by the Statutory Audit Committees, Audit Committees, Board of Directors and Governance leaders, stimulating productive discussions on the current challenges, emerging trends and development of practices which affect financial reporting and related risks.

ACI Panels' members gather on a quarterly basis and, according to local members' needs and feedback, additional tools may be provided. If you want to see the events carried out by ACI, click on Eventos (Events).

Continuing Educational Credits

Attendance of the members at the Panels, as well as at other ACI's events, can be converted to qualifying credits for accreditation under the Continuing Education Program from Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa (IBGC). Upon request, ACI issues the attendance certificate, which shows to the Board of Directors, Audit Committees and Statutory Audit Committees where you work that you are pursuing a continuing education program.    

KPMG Business Magazine

ACI regularly publishes on Business Magazine exclusive articles that address current topics related to corporate governance, risk management, evolving capital markets, among others. If you want to read some of these articles, click on Publicações do ACI (ACI's Publications).

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