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Me, My Life, My Wallet 2018

Me, My Life, My Wallet 2018

Me, My Life, My Wallet 2018

Edition 2017

In the second edition of Me, my life, my wallet, we’ve continued our exploration of the multidimensional customer – what’s truly driving behavior and choices, and how this is set to change as the customer of tomorrow emerges. We’ve built on our first edition’s unique and multi-layered research methodology with an even more ambitious research endeavour, drawing on new insight from across the KPMG network and extending our primary research, this year surveying more than 25,000 consumers in Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, the UAE, the UK and the US – as well as conducting ethnographic research interviews in each market.This year’s research explores six key themes of critical importance to organizations and institutions around the world.

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Fabio Grandi
Partner Director of Customer Experience - KPMG in Brazil

Frank Meylan
Head of Customer Experience - KPMG in Brazil

Guilherme Nunes
Head of  Consumer & Retail - KPMG in Brazil

Paulo Ferezin
Head of Retail - KPMG in Brazil