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7th Latam Energy and Natural Resources Conference

7th Latam Energy and Natural Resources Conference

7th Latam Energy and Natural Resources Conference

Powering the future with the next generation of energy

The transformation of the  Energy and Natural Resources industry that has been continuously boosting technology breakthroughs that in turn have been transforming businesses, the widespread search for renewable sources of energy by the industry's major companies and government guidelines show that the industry's top executives have to find increasingly more assertive ways to innovate in the market in order to ensure that their companies remain sustainable in the short and long term. At this moment, decision makers have to share ideas and get insights from global executives in order to delve into the main current challenges.

The Latin America Energy and Natural Resources Conference has become well known as a strategic meeting for decision makers. The reason is easy to understand: over its past six editions, the Conference has been able to offer high-levels discussions held by Brazilian and Latin American lecturers and government officials, and has hosted more than 1,700 industry executives.

Now, the 7th Conference, to be held in August 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, will be no different. In order to find more robust approaches to tackle the main problems of the industry, KPMG has prepared presentations and discussion panels to be held by major energy and natural resources executives to address the outlook for and the solutions to the challenges that have an impact on the business environment in Latin America and worldwide.