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Financial Services

Financial Services

The Financial Services practice provides services for the sectors of banking, insurance, investment management and real estate.

The Financial Services practice provides services for the sectors of banking, insurance...

Our professionals bring together deep experience in the industry, the result of combining knowledge with practical implementation of projects in the most important financial institutions in our market.

Through the Global Client Program, our member firms act to coordinate the provision of global services, aligning our team to our clients' structure, whether in a specific country, particular region or addressing a global need. KPMG in Brazil reproduces this practice through the National Accounts Program. 

Our multinational teams of Financial Services are led by members who have accumulated vast experience with international clients and relationships with many of the major market players, regulatory agencies and key industry bodies. 

Performance – in the current environment, it is important for any Financial Services Company to provide solid and consistent earnings in a range of indicators. To meet this demand, we developed business products and approaches with a focus on cost management, operational excellence and optimization of business and operating models.  

Growth versus "right sizing" - Size has lost importance to scale of comparative performance, but the popularization and expansion in profitable businesses still represents an important driver of growth. Mergers and acquisitions, geographic expansion, carvout of product development, cross-selling, and customer retention are all vital strategies to consider.  

Governance - in an industry fundamentally involved in risk management and that is closely observed by a range of global, national and state regulatory agencies, good corporate governance with strong internal controls and effective management of risks is vital in all parts of business.
On behalf of the partners and professional of KPMG's Financial Services division, it will be a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve your business objectives. 

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