How long are the courses?

They are all designed based on facilitating using either a virtual platform (2.5hrs) or face to face (1/2 day= 4hrs; full day= 7hrs. Participants will be expected to sign in for a virtual course, five minutes before the start of the training and for a face-to-face course, fifteen minutes before the start.

How many participants attend?

The ideal number varies with the course. The range is either open or up to 20 participants. Our priority is to maintain the personal interactive nature of the learning experience.

What virtual event platform do you use?

We deliver all courses on Microsoft Teams. Neither the attendee nor their company need a Microsoft Teams account to join the training.

What is the course fee and how do attendees register?

The fee to attend varies:

  • $300 or $250 if you register for three (3) or more virtual courses;
  • $425 for half day courses that are four(4) hours; and
  • $850 for full day courses that are seven (7) hours.

Are group discounts available?

Yes, we offer three types of discounts

  • Register for any three (3) or more courses (virtual or face to face) and receive a $50 discount for each participant
  • Register ten (10) or more of your employees to any of the courses and receive a $100 discount for each participant
  • Not-for-profit / charity organisations, receive a $75 discount to any of our courses take advantage of one of these discounts, simply email

Will participants receive professional development hours and a certificate?

Yes, all participants will be provided with key slides from the training and a certificate, which accounts for CPD/CPE credit hours depending on the course's duration. Participants will have to be present for the entire course to receive their CPD hours.

Follow-up bonus: Three- to six- months after your course, you will be invited for a free 30 minute “Chat & chew” session with our facilitation team, to share your experience of utilizing/implementing any tips, tools and/or strategies, received from the course to enhance your role and professional responsibilities.

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