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As part of an integrated global network of hotel specialists across a wide range of individual service lines, we can provide a holistic and tailored solution to your hotel needs

We serve clients across the hotel sector and throughout the investment life cycle:

  1. Investment
    i. Advice corporate and asset acquisition
    ii. Identifying opportunities
    iii. Investment evaluations (pricing paper, feasibility studies, independent review fro Board/Management)
    iv. Negotiating key terms
    v. Commercial/operational due diligence
    vi. Financial due diligence
    vii. Tax structuring (due diligence, transfer pricing, etc.)
    viii. Financing options
  2. Operations
    i. Operator search
    ii. Valuation
    iii. Audit
    iv. Tax planning and efficiency (compliance and capital allowances on Capex)
    v. Efficiency improvements
    vi. IT
    vii. Data analytics
    viii. Reorganisation, intra-fund transfer of investments
    ix. Advice on impact of changes in accounting
  3. Expansion
    i. Assisting established platforms in reshaping their businesses for future growth or capital realisation
    ii. Ground lease structures and long-income products
    iii. Structuring partnerships and joint-ventures
    iv. Identifying strategic capital partners
    v. Financial modelling
  4. Exit
    i. Preparing for sale
    ii. Identifying the right partners
    iii. Accessing capital globally
    iv. Negotiating key terms
    v. Restructuring

KPMG M&A, Tax, Transaction Services, Fund Valuations and Debt restructuring teams comprise individuals with specialist hotel expertise and capital market knowledge. The team uses its hotel expertise and strong network across the industry to link capital with opportunity and provide specialist advice.

We are confident that we can find a solution for most of our client's needs. This website aims to give an overview of our service offering but if the terminology doesn't seem to fit your needs, please reach out to us so that we can workout a tailored solution for you.

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