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ConsumerCurrents provides senior executives at consumer and retail companies insights on industry issues, global trends and business strategy.

ConsumerCurrents provides executives at consumer and retail companies insights on trends.

This issue of ConsumerCurrents explores challenges and opportunities faced by consumer and retail companies during an epoch of unprecedented change and disruption.

As new competitors and business models driven by technology continue to disrupt the industry, the challenge for companies is to ensure they are leading change, not being led by it.

In this issue:

  • Tendam: Tendam CEO, Jaume Miquel on rebranding and why you can always improve
  • Off the shelf: Men heed the call of beauty
  • Blockchain: Is Blockchain the next killer app?
  • Recipe for change: What the health and wellness boom means for your business
  • Store data and analytics: Using retail intelligence to increase ROI
  • Case study: How Rent the Runway is building a closetless future
  • Lessons from other industries: Be a disruptive innovator like jazz icon Miles Davis
  • Connected enterprise: Customer centricity needs to be a focus for your entire business

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