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What we look for

What we look for

We recruit across a range of degree disciplines, skills, abilities and backgrounds. We want diversity, commitment and ambition.

We recruit across a range of degree disciplines, skills, abilities and backgrounds.

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At KPMG, attitude is every bit as important as ability. Being a team player, having passion for what you do and a desire of continuously improve will take you far. If you love to learn and sincerely want to make an impact, you’ll feel at home from day one.

Independent thinking is essential. We want graduates that can look at a problem from a variety of angles. You’ll need to be prepared to challenge assumptions and bring new perspectives to our clients' businesses.

KPMG is much more than an accounting firm. We provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services across a wide range of industries, government and not for profit sectors.

While we are probably best known for the work we do with top-tier clients, we also provide services tailored to meet the unique needs of mid-sized, fast growing and family-owned businesses. We do this through KPMG Private Enterprise.

KPMG Private Enterprise is a rapidly expanding part of our business where you get to work with a diverse range of exciting businesses. Because of the size of the clients, you get better exposure to the whole company, CEOs included, which youjust wouldn’t get with our larger corporates.

We recruit across a range of degree disciplines, skills, abilities and backgrounds. We want diversity, commitment and ambition. We value innovative ideas and we're interested in you and your unique take on the world. Your academic record is just a small part of what we consider. We recruit for seven behavioural capabilities.

Below are the Behavioural Capabilities we recruit for:

  • Delivers Quality - Are you an organised person? Do you like to take a structured approach to your work? Are you a forward thinker with the ability to multi-task? Do you strive to uphold a high standard of work? Think of the times you have achieved exceptional results despite challenging situations.
  • Drives Collaboration and Inclusion - Do you thrive working in a team? Do you like to build deep relationships? Can you think of a time that you’ve delivered an exceptional experience? Think about when you’ve worked collaboratively in a group to deliver excellent outcomes.
  • Strives for Continual Improvement - Do you set goals? Do you achieve your goals? Do you look for ways to challenge and develop yourself? Are you driven? Think of a time when you have demonstrated your resilience in the face of a setback.
  • Exercises Professional Judgement - Do you ask questions? Do you enjoy researching? Are ethics important to you? Are you a big picture thinker? Do you substantiate your claims? Think about experiences where you have demonstrated integrity and objectivity.
  • Makes an Impact - Do you take pride in your interpersonal skills? Are you a good listener? Are you an individual? Are you confident? Are you passionate? Have you been able to convince or influence others to take action?
  • Seizes Business Opportunities - Do you have a knack for spotting an opportunity? Do you understand the commercial world? Are you working on your network of contacts? Does going the extra mile for the customer give you a thrill?
  • Demonstrates Innovation and Curiosity - Are you curious about the world? Are you a disruptive thinker? Do you embrace change? Are you ok with ambiguity? Think about times when you have added value with innovative and practical solutions.