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Our People: Alex Mason

Alex Mason

Meet Alex Mason - 2019 summer intern.

Meet Alex Mason - 2019 summer intern.

Alex Mason

2019 Summer intern

I recently completed an unparalleled first year at the University of Exeter pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance. Prior to university, I attended Warwick Academy, where I was given the opportunity to participate in KPMG’s Senior School Investment Challenge run by Mrs. Wanda Armstrong.  The investment challenge, coupled with KPMG’s Summer Networking event, ignited my interest in an accounting designation and inspired me to apply for their 2019 Summer Internship programme.

This summer, I was fortunate enough to work in the Enterprise department. Enterprise works predominately with local clients: from law firms to hotels and supermarkets to shipping companies. I have had the pleasure of working on audits, as well as reviews for a variety of clients. This work was incredibly eye-opening, mainly due to the amount of planning and testing that goes into an audit. I was incredibly grateful for the support and guidance received by the department in helping me grow as an individual and making me feel part of the KPMG family. Under their guidance, I greatly improved upon my analytical skills and attention to detail, both of which are important to becoming an accountant.

The experience and knowledge I gained from this internship has propelled me to write the ACA exams after graduating university. I intend on becoming a chartered accountant given the great versatility to work in almost any industry, as well as the ability to live abroad.  Thus, I know that accountancy will be a pathway that opens many doors for me.

My advice for prospective interns is to continue to explore all opportunities that may enhance your corporate knowledge.  By continuing to push for internships and other learning prospects, you will better prepare yourself for full time employment after university. In order to easier facilitate the process of preparing for internships and interviews, you should attend as many networking events as possible. These networking events provide a fantastic platform to practice your public speaking and enhance your interpersonal relations with industry professionals. 

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