Our People: Shonte' Campbell

Meet Shonte' Campbell

Meet Shonte', a newly qualified accountant with KPMG in Bermuda

Meet Shonte', a newly qualified accountant with KPMG in Bermuda

Shonte Campbell

Meet Shonte'

My path to becoming an accountant started my second year of college, at Wofford College. I knew I wanted to do something math related, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that career that would be. Wofford is a liberal arts college which means you are required to take classes across all major subjects. It was after completing majority of my courses across all subjects that I knew accounting would be my career path. This decision was confirmed after taking my first accounting course, Principles of Accounting. Once I finalized my decision to study accounting I began attending networking events and applying for scholarships. I did not always know that KPMG was the right Big 4 accounting firm for me because I started my internships with PwC. It wasn’t until I began applying for scholarships that I began to realize which firm I wanted to be a part of in the future. The phone call from Mrs. W. Armstrong stating that I had won KPMG's scholarship confirmed what I had already begun thinking, that KPMG was the place for me to launch my accounting career.  

I joined KPMG as a fulltime staff accountant in the fall of 2016 after having completed my Master’s Degree in Accounting and completed 75% of the CPA US exams. I started as a member of KPMG's Graduate Program working in the Financial Services department. The Graduate Program enabled me to study for, take and pass my final CPA exam within a couple months after I started by providing me with financial support and study leave. As part of my training I traveled to Orlando, Florida where I participated in the Audit Foundations training course, which provided me with the tools I would need to begin my KPMG career as a staff accountant.

My time as a staff accountant at KPMG has been brief, but so far it has been an exciting learning experience. I have had the opportunity to be a part of teams that want to see me learn and are willing to help me. They also challenge me to apply what I already know. The support, training, and encouragement that I receive daily here at KPMG is remarkable. I am hoping to leverage this support in a way that will allow me to grow as an auditor while also demonstrating to my superiors that I am up for the challenge. I appreciate that even though I am new staff accountant KPMG still demonstrates their commitment to my professional development. Though they were unable to promote me due to my lack of experience, they showed me their appreciation in other ways. Choosing to work at KPMG is probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It is a career that can open many doors and endless possibilities for me in the future. I know I have made the right career choice and I am proud to be a staff accountant in the audit practice and continue my commitment to KPMG.

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