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Our People: Ashley Godek

Meet Ashley Godek

Meet Ashley - Chair of the Health & Wellness Committee and travelista.

Meet Ashley - Chair of the Health & Wellness Committee and travelista.

Meet Ashley

I began my career at KPMG in New York and joined the Bermuda firm in November 2012. I was drawn to Bermuda for a variety of reasons - better work life balance, island life, warmer weather and the location (not too far from home). Initially, I was excited to try a rotation with the perks of Bermuda, knowing I could go back to my position and life in NYC afterwards. However, ultimately I decided to stay for a number of reasons, both professional and personal.

I am enjoying working at KPMG in Bermuda; we have a great team in Tax and I’ve learned, and continue to learn, so much. The experience gained here is so valuable. Our Managing Directors have set a tone for making learning and staff involvement a focus at every step of an engagement. As a staff member, I benefited a lot from this and I now enjoy being a part of it as a Manager. I have the opportunity to pass on a significant amount of knowledge which is really rewarding and, at times, I am learning right alongside team members as new issues and situations come up. We have a lot of interesting clients and situations in the Tax department. I am always amazed at how much I learn each time we are engaged to help a client structure or restructure an investment or transaction. The FATCA, Common Reporting Standard and Country by Country reporting developments have opened up a whole new area of focus for us, which we frequently collaborate with the Advisory team on. Also my clientele has expanded in working in Bermuda. When I started my career in NYC, I worked in the Funds group and saw a limited array of clients; however, here, my portfolio includes insurance companies, high net worth individuals and trusts as well as hedge and private equity funds. 

Living in Bermuda, I enjoy the fact that there’s always something going on, some sort of event or beach party. The various sporting activities and teams are also a great bonus for me and enable me to make so many amazing friends and expand my network here. Additionally, I really appreciate the community aspect of Bermuda that I didn’t really have in NYC. People are so friendly and whilst it is quite a small community, it’s constantly growing and changing which is really amazing.

My advice to anyone thinking about moving to Bermuda is to just go for it. I don’t know anyone that came here and regretted it. 

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