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Our People: Andrew Shailer

Meet Andrew Shailer

The accounting career path allows you to get exposure to different businesses, while achieving a qualification that is recognized for its value.

The accounting career path allows you to get exposure to different businesses.

Senior Manager, Advisory

The accounting career path has always appealed to me as it allows you to get exposure to many different businesses, while at the same time achieving a qualification that is recognized for its value in every business environment.

My employment relationship with KPMG began during my final year at university when I applied for and received a summer internship. I later joined the Graduate Programme and the support provided by this program was instrumental in successfully achieving my accounting qualification.
Once I achieved my qualification, I began working in the Advisory department and was impressed with the variety of engagements that the team got involved with.
I was fortunate enough early on in my time in Advisory to have been involved in a very high profile forensic investigation of alleged money laundering. This job required spending significant time working in London with a partner who is now the head of the KPMG Forensic practice in the UK. Following the completion of that engagement I applied for a full time secondment to the UK and spent 4 years working in a variety of roles in both Manchester and London, including a year as a supervisor at the FSA. This experience abroad has really helped me to progress my career within KPMG.
My most interesting experience working at KPMG so far was while I was working in Manchester. I had the opportunity to work on several administration appointments. On these engagements KPMG is effectively tasked with running and maintaining the business as a going concern while pursuing potential sale options. One of these appointments was over a factory in Nottingham that produced malt and home brew beer and wine kits. For a few weeks I had the opportunity to manage a factory with 40 staff.
For those individuals who are just starting out and considering a career with KPMG, you really need to commit to your studies and getting your qualification. This opens up so many doors and the importance of it cannot be underestimated.

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