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We develop turnaround strategies to help clients overcome operational or financial challenges.


We develop turnaround strategies to help clients overcome operational or financial challenges and improve performance by identifying options and ways to stabilize the business. We help clients understand the risks and costs associated with each option and prepare contingencies

Our professionals provide a seamless approach to stabilizing under-performing companies by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organizational and financial change and delivering these to achieve real results.

We help establish solid ground for a turnaround by assessing clients’ liquidity
position and creating a stakeholder management plan. 

How we can help

Our specialists help clients focus on the key questions through the critical stages of change management.

  • Option identification: How can I quickly and effectively assess my options?
  • Stabilization: How can I stabilize the business and assess its financial position?
  • Turnaround strategy: What are the financial paybacks of the various options?
  • Execution: How do I ensure full delivery of the turnaround plan?
  • Value realization: What risks and costs are associated with each path, including contingency plans?

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