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Attestation Services

Attestation Services

Credible financial audits reinforce investors', market and public confidence.

Attestation Services

Credible financial audits reinforce investors', market and public confidence. Within organizations, they add to board and management understanding of business risks. A reliable audit is the cornerstone of a business’ operations and it is essential that clients have not just an auditor, but also a trusted advisor.

Our services include:

Financial statement audit, compilation and review: Our Audit teams use KPMG’s audit methodology to challenge assumptions and provide insight, as well as ensuring clients fulfill regulatory and contractual obligations through the audit. We monitor and report emerging risks, providing detailed post-audit feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

Agreed upon procedures: We apply KPMG's methodologies and expertise to review and examine clients' business information, reporting the results on a factual basis.

How we can help

At KPMG, our professionals help clients drive value from the audit, effectively
communicate with stakeholders, improve efficiency and resolve accounting issues in a timely and practical manner. Our objectivity helps clients identify
emerging risks and develop workable strategies. Our audit methodology is
designed to meet all applicable local and international standards. Clients
recognize us for our no-surprise approach and timely service.

Our Attestation Services help organizations learn how to define, capture and report both financial and non-financial indicators. In addition, we provide independent assurance on the reliability or validity of information related to a product, service or activity that is the responsibility of the management of the
organizations. This helps uncover new ways to safeguard reputation, build trust among stakeholders and improve corporate performance.

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