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Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Without the necessary assurances, businesses cannot be confident that they have the right level of governance and risk management.

Assurance Services

Accurate information is crucial for making business decisions and business leaders need assurances beyond those provided by financial statement audits. Deciding which risks to take can be a challenging task. It can be even more difficult if there are concerns about systems or processes that are inaccurate, ambiguous or even unknown. Without the necessary assurances, businesses cannot be confident that they have the right level of governance and risk management.

We follow detailed risk management procedures designed to safeguard the professionalism and independence of our internal and external Audit teams, a matter which we take very seriously. 

Our services include:

Reporting prospective financial information: We develop and report prospective financial information in line with local and international regulations. These services are typically provided to existing and new audit clients who need prospective financial information to obtain financing from a bank or through an offering of securities. The services generally relate to the development, presentation, and reporting on prospective financial information, and provide either a report to a regulator or a report to other parties prepared under regulations provided by the regulator.

Assurance on finances, operations and internal controls: We apply our diverse industry expertise to obtain deeper understanding of clients' issues and develop recommendations, which can add value to their business. 

Transactions assurance: Our teams provide assurance on forecasting methodology and views on risk and value during transactions including mergers and acquisitions. We strive to ensure stakeholders’ rights are protected, whilst utilizing the benefits of such transactions.

IFRS reporting services: We help clients to apply, conform and accurately report under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), when required and as appropriate. KPMG has a team of technical accounting specialists to provide services to clients in the following areas: new standards impact analysis, advice and step plans relating to transactions, financings and internal reorganizations, informal advice or formal opinions on accounting treatments; accounting policy analysis, financial information/statements compilation/review, technical accounting training.

Training: KPMG offers technical and industry-specific training, which helps to ensure that clients' finance teams are up-to-date with the latest developments in accounting and reporting.

How we can help

At KPMG, our Assurance teams help clients to mitigate risk and capitalize on new opportunities. We take a rigorous approach to the areas of their business that can be difficult to quantify or measure. We deal with complex situations and provide assurance where there is uncertainty. 

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