KPMG in Bahrain admits over 60 interns

KPMG in Bahrain continues its commitment towards the professional growth of young Bahraini talent, despite the market slowdown caused by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. So far this year, 61 interns were onboarded as part of the firm’s youth development initiative - the Hussain Kasim Internship Program. Over 31% (19 interns) of the interning graduates, were offered full time positions with KPMG in Bahrain post the successful completion of their internship. 

The Hussain Kasim Internship Program was established to provide learning opportunities for Bahraini students from leading universities in Bahrain and internationally.  The program helps the students gain valuable work experience while also providing them with the opportunity to learn and prepare for the success of their future careers. The program has been named in honor of Mr. Hussain Kasim, the co-founder of KPMG in Bahrain, as prior to founding the firm in partnership with Jassim Fakhro, they were both highly respected teachers within the community, and have always been passionate about supporting young Bahraini professionals through lifelong learning opportunities and knowledge they require to help build a solid foundation in relation to their careers within the marketplace. During prior years, this program has accommodated 50 – 80 students per year to support young Bahrainis’ development in their initial work experience and career step.