Mohammed AlQassab - IT Director

“How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?”

Mohamed Naser Abdulhusain A.Wahab AlQassab

Today is a very dark and sad day… I cannot even begin to say how much it hurts me to say this… we have all lost a significant part of ourselves as we bid farewell to our very own Mohammed AlQassab!

BuNasser is not just a colleague, or a KPMG employee… he is a part of each and everyone within KPMG, and the community. He was a pillar of support, the voice of reason, and a force of energy for us. My heart hurts as I become the bearer of this extremely sad news. At this point, I truly cannot remember a time in the firm without AlQassab after having relied on him for almost two decades. The 7th of June will always be a day that I lost a friend, a colleague, an invaluable member of my family; one of the strongest people I’ve known – emotionally and physically. A pillar of strength during all turbulent moments, buNasser was a critical part in our lives, and I’ve had the honor and privilege to watch him grow, and help others in growing throughout his time in the firm and the community. His energy and love for life, his family and colleagues is something I will always cherish in my memories of him. Mohammed was not only a proud custodian of our values in the firm, but was in fact what we would define as a true blue blooded KPMGer...

Mohammed was a fantastic role model within the firm and the community – his curiosity helped his development, and his generosity helped others grow... In fact, even while I struggle to still come to terms that he has truly passed, I comfort myself in the fact that I can still cherish and nurture Mohammed’s legacy through his beloved son Nasser AlQassab...

I’m sure that there are a number of us who have worked and grown along with Mohammed who will share my heavy heartedness… but all I can say is let us all try to honor his legacy, and help each other through this difficult and sad time… there is not enough words that I can say or write that will justify my feelings or my loss… all I can say at this moment is I’ve lost a significant piece of my heart with the loss of our beloved buNasser….

Dear Mohamed, we do not have to remember you, as we can never forget you.

May God rest your soul in peace..


Jamal Fakhro

Managing Partner

We are collecting and collating messages coming in from friends, colleagues and family members to share during Mohammed AlQassab’s memorial service. To send your messages, respects and thoughts to Mohammed AlQassab's family, you can send us a mail via the following link.