Global Banking M&A Trends Methodology

Survey analysis and methodology

Survey analysis and methodology

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Deals data

The information presented in the report is an analysis of announced deals in the banking sector in 2020, accessed in January 2021. The data has been sourced from Thomson One, where the target company belongs to any of the following sectors: all forms of banking — commercial, private, investment, retail, corporate; payment services; credit institutions; brokerage firms/houses; diversified financials/conglomerates; business support services. There are certain adjustments made to the data to select only relevant data from the mentioned sub-sectors and exclude transactions of debt restructuring, buyback, repurchases and exchange offers. Certain sub-sectors such as accounting, auditing, bookkeeping services, and miscellaneous intermediation have been excluded. The analysis is conducted on M&A transactions including deal status of completed, pending and pending regulatory. Additionally, data is continuously updated and is therefore subject to change. It may not exactly replicate the last year numbers as there are continuous additions that have been made in the back end from database.

Sector performance

Bloomberg database has been extensively used to build valuation and regression analysis for top regional banks. Top banks have been considered based on market capitalization. All data has been extracted as on 27th November 2020.


An internal KPMG survey was conducted with Deal Advisory (DA) banking leads of approximately 20 countries. The survey covered three aspects — expected trends in banking deal environment in 2021, PE impact on deal activity and whether deal volume is expected to remain stable, increase or decrease over 2020. For each country, the information has been provided by the respective KPMG DA banking leads. Country level analysis is based on the survey inputs.