Businesses are expecting Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to do more with less

After years of growth and spending to establish tailored cyber security capabilities for their specific risk and threat landscapes, economic turbulence is forcing many businesses to revisit cyber security program portfolios in search for opportunities to reduce operating costs. In the current environment, no ‘back office’ organization can expect to be shielded from budgetary scrutiny, including cyber security. While this is a fundamental shift, it is widespread and placing significant pressure on many CISOs, who need to continuously invest in their capabilities to remain one step ahead of adversaries.

The KPMG Cyber Cost Optimization capability is an offering designed to analyze program capabilities, identify efficiencies, savings, cost re-distribution and re-investment opportunities across the cyber security function.

The challenge — the opportunity

Cyber Cost Optimization


Deep cyber domain experience

KPMG has experience in designing and building lean cyber programs, with a low and sustainable cost base. We KPMG firms understand the functional and strategic interdependencies which permeate the cyber organization. Our approach is tailored to your specific technological and business environment and we will build a strategy for reduced funding that seeks to minimize adverse impacts to your organization’s cyber posture.

Accelerators for rapid cyber cost optimization opportunity identification

Our rapid assessment is enabled by proprietary tools and accelerators with skilled cyber practitioners, trained in executing against domain-specific diagnostic hypotheses. KPMG professionals provide prioritized recommendations which are tailored to the urgency of your cost takeout and portfolio optimization needs.

Engagement throughout the cyber cost optimization lifecycle

KPMG firms have multidisciplinary teams to support you in executing cyber cost optimization levers. We also bring a suite of capabilities to embed sustainability in the change management process and can help you as you realize and measure your cost optimization impact.

Our uncommon combination

To strategically enable you to optimize your cyber costs, KPMG firms bring an uncommon combination of strengths — cyber expertise, in-depth business understanding and extraordinary people that deliver innovative thinking and practical implementation to the automated world. We’ll use our strengths to help you get an enviable combination of your own: confidence, agility and resilience.