The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant and far-reaching for many organizations. We have identified four phases that organizations will move through as they respond to COVID-19:

  1. Reaction: responding to immediate challenges
  2. Resilience: managing through uncertainty
  3. Recovery: resetting and identifying opportunities
  4. New reality: adapting to a new world

Some organizations, industries and geographies will move into the recovery phase, and the new reality, before others. Each of these phases will have different workforce requirements, and organizations must resist the urge to jump to the easiest and most immediate solution.

Workforce Shaping

Many organizations will consider their workforce challenges through a traditional workforce planning lens – the number of people or positions they have or they need. Instead, workforce shaping is a discipline for organizations to articulate an intelligent and strategic understanding of the workforce they require in the next five to ten years. The need for this accurate workforce forecasting and planning had never been more critical amid the onset of AI and robotics - COVID-19 has created an even more urgent need. The global pandemic is forcing organizations that want to continue to thrive to bring forward their strategic planning efforts, and apply them to more immediate futures.

Download the pdf to learn more about workforce shaping and how this approach will better position organizations to thrive in response to external influences, and empower the business to slowly extend their time horizons and scenarios into the new normal.

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