Powered Risk is KPMG's flagship offering for risk transformation, integrating our forward-looking point of view on risk management and deep industry knowledge with leading cloud technology and global delivery capabilities. It helps risk and business professionals answer important questions:

  • How can risk and compliance functions dynamically respond to emerging risks & regulations?
  • How do I respond to stakeholder mistrust and allay their fears?
  • How do I better use risk and compliance data to inform business decisions?
  • How can I embed risk management across all operations?
  • How do I manage risks, compliance obligations, and issues proactively?

What's in the box?

Powered Risk provides a formidable combination of leading practices and processes, proven technology solutions and a next-generation delivery framework.

Target Operating Model - shapes how transformation plays through every layer of your organization.

Powered Execution Suite - is an integrated platform of next-generation tools to deliver functional transformation.

Powered Evolution - provide access to specialized resources to drive continuing change.

Powering what comes next

Our truly integrated Powered Enterprise Risk solution offers:

  • A jump start to digital transformation of your risk & compliance function
  • Immediate access to leading risk & compliance practices and processes
  • Validated technology solutions with proven real-world usability
  • Reduced implementation risks and enhanced ROI 
  • High-touch change management and employee experience
  • A solid platform for continuing evolution and progress
Powered Enterprise Risk Infographic

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