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Podcast series for global mobility leaders

Podcast series for global mobility leaders

Welcome to the future of mobility podcast series!

This series features short podcasts addressing some of the most pressing issues and opportunities facing global mobility departments in the modern business world. We will explore key topics through interviews with leaders from global mobility, tax and other areas of the business, from KPMG and beyond. The episodes are designed to be brief and conversational, focused on thematic developments affecting global mobility professionals and the world of global business travel in general. Listen on your commute to work (or wherever you enjoy your podcasts)!

New episodes will be added regularly and we welcome your ongoing input on topics to cover and leaders to interview, as well as your feedback on each episode. Email us at:

Episode 1: Welcome to the Future of mobility (Marc Burrows, Head of Global Mobility Services, KPMG International)

Coming soon:
Episode 2: Robotic process automation and global mobility (Robert Smith, Senior Manager, KPMG in the US)

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