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The latest in data-driven technologies from KPMG's industry-leading professionals

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Our capabilities

Using data-driven technologies to drive business 

The world of business is changing, and it is moving faster every day. To keep up, leaders need to make major decisions more quickly, more accurately and driven by more data than ever before. With all that information to identify, collect and filter, the pace of these decisions has begun to overtake the human ability to make them.

KPMG can help clients meet that challenge.

KPMG has developed robust solutions to help clients around the world harness data and the tools to apply it efficiently and accurately. From Tax to Audit to Advisory, and across multiple sectors, using KPMG professionals expertise to turn data into insights into value and drive businesses into the future. This includes work in the following capabilities:

alt data


KPMG can unlock the value of data to help give clients new insights on their businesses.

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alt analytics


KPMG professionals seek to bring a unique perspective on analysis, embedding trust into everything we do.

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alt AI

Artificial intelligence

KPMG uses artificial intelligence to enhance, accelerate, automate and augment human decisions.

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alt auto

Intelligent automation

KPMG member firms explore the capabilities of intelligent automation, helping to ensure every solution suits the goals and culture of the business they are intended to help.

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Our difference

Our difference

Through our proprietary solutions and services, we can bring your business into the data-driven future. Whether you’re looking for data, analytics, artificial intelligence or intelligent automation, KPMG is the clear choice.

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Our platforms

Our platforms

While no two organizations have the same challenges, we know that there are often similarities. For these cases, KPMG has developed robust platforms so you don’t have to start from scratch to solve your unique business problems.

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Our platforms

Case studies

From Tax to Audit to Advisory, we've brought best-in-class, data-driven solutions to clients from a wide range of industries.

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Global leadership

Our data-driven technologies are headed by an international team of leaders with experience and expertise that span data, analytics, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation.

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